The Inogen oxygen concentrator is a dependable stationary device that is nonetheless simple to use and can move around the house as needed for oxygen treatment.

One of the smallest and lightest devices available for everyday use, the Inogen at Home (also known as the Inogen 5L) oxygen concentrator has five continuous flow settings and uses less energy than other concentrators. This oxygen concentrator can eventually pay for itself because of its low price and ability to deliver accurate and dependable oxygen therapy.

What is Inogen at Home?

The Inogen at Home oxygen concentrator is one of the least noticeable and most beautiful units available, in contrast to traditional oxygen concentrators intended for daily use, which are sometimes big, bulky, and unsightly.

Even though it is designed for stationary use, its modest weight—less than that of its rival—allows users to move it around the house with ease, which greatly increases their sense of independence and freedom.

The device was made to run silently as well; when operating at flow setting 2, it registers at just 40 dB, which is comparable to a refrigerator humming or a desktop computer running.

  • One of the portable oxygen concentrators weighs about 18 pounds.
  • Utilizing the three-button control makes things simple.
  • Operating with less energy costs less money.
  • When operating, quieter than a refrigerator
  • Includes a nasal cannula, manual, unit, and power cord.

Best Features Of Inogen at Home Oxygen

The following are the useful features of an Inogen at home oxygen concentrator-

  • It's Suitable for Continuous Use

You might be reluctant to use your portable oxygen concentrator around the clock if you've already got an electronic gadget, like a phone or computer, on you. Despite the fact that each machine is unique, the Inogen concentrators are made to be utilized both day and night.

Anyone who enjoys using oxygen treatment while they sleep will be happy to hear that they won't need to purchase a brand-new home oxygen concentrator for use at night. This would be expensive and add to the worries you already have. However, you won't ever need to worry about it owing to the Sleep Mode Technology of the Inogen concentrator.

  • Long battery Life

Its external batteries have the longest life of any portable oxygen concentrator. The Inogen at Home's longest external battery life of any portable oxygen concentrator ever made maybe its most noteworthy feature. A battery that is external to the device is one that can be taken out and changed with another battery. The external battery for the G5 is conveniently situated on the device's bottom and can be taken out by lifting the tab on the side.

  • Lightweight

It's one of the lightest portable oxygen concentrators. The weight of portable oxygen concentrators is a crucial measurement. The terms "lightweight" and "oxygen device" were probably never used together if you had been researching oxygen therapy ten years ago. But since their introduction, portable oxygen concentrators have advanced significantly in their ability to provide a high flow of oxygen without gaining weight.

  • Safe for Travelling

If you travel frequently, you are aware of the hassles associated with dealing with airlines. You might be inclined to avoid traveling altogether due to canceled flights, delayed takeoffs, and unpleasant customer service. We can't really blame you for that, however, you can take some solace in the knowledge that the Inogen concentrators are suitable for traveling so you shouldn't have too much trouble taking them on board.

  • It Produces the Most Oxygen for Its Weight

If your oxygen concentrator doesn't provide the output you require, its light weight isn't much use. Fortunately, the Inogen can meet both demands and even offers the best oxygen output for its weight of any pulse flow machine. This indicates that you aren't lugging around a lot of extra weight.

  • Efficient

This also demonstrates Inogen's unwavering commitment to efficiency. They are aware that in order for your portable oxygen concentrator to be as effective as possible, it must fit your lifestyle and provide you the freedom to travel where you want without any issues.


Finding the best medical oxygen concentrator for you and your lifestyle is more important than simply purchasing the most technologically advanced one available. However, due to its many successes, the Inogen at home is a perfect unit for many respiratory sufferers. This is still a favorite oxygen concentrator among people who require both low and high oxygen flow rates.