Due to the fact that we breathe oxygen every day, it may seem to be a harmless gas. However, oxygen can become extremely harmful when purified at high concentrations. Patients who require supplemental oxygen can benefit from oxygen therapy, but it is vital to be aware of issues to prevent harm.

We'll go over crucial safety measures in this blog that you should keep in mind if you're receiving oxygen therapy. Let's start by talking about two very important reasons why you should never handle home oxygen rentals carelessly.

How Can You Ensure Safety While Using Home Oxygen Rentals?

Oxygen accelerates the rate of burning. Just imagine what occurs when you blow on a fire—the flame grows. If you use home oxygen rentals in your house, you need to take extra precautions to avoid fires and potentially burning objects.

Prepare your house

Make sure your home has functional smoke alarms and a fire extinguisher. You could require more than one fire extinguisher in various areas if you roam around the house while wearing your oxygen mask.

  • Smoking can be extremely risky. In a space where you or your child is consuming oxygen, nobody should smoke.
  • Place a "No Smoking" sign in each area that is used to store oxygen.
  • Keep provocative substances such as table candles, fireplaces, or stoves at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from restaurant tables.

Maintain a distance of 6 feet from:

  • Electric-powered toys
  • Space heaters or baseboard electric heaters
  • Candles, fires, and wood stoves
  • Electric comforters
  • Electric toothbrushes, electric razors, and hair dryers

Oxygen Safety Precautions For Kitchen

Be careful in the kitchen when you cook, and watch your oxygen intake.

  • Do not expose the stovetop or oven to oxygen.
  • Be cautious of grease that may spray. It's flammable.
  • Keeping kids with oxygen away from the stove and oven is a good idea.
  • It's acceptable to microwave food.

Other Safety Tips

Your oxygen concentrator should not be kept in a trunk, box, or small closet. If air can flow freely under the bed, storing your oxygen is acceptable. Keep flammable liquids away from your oxygen source. Cleaning supplies that contain oil, grease, alcohol, or other flammable liquids fall into this category.

Avoid applying vaseline or other petroleum-based creams or lotions to your face or upper body without first consulting a respiratory therapist or medical professional. Products that are secure consist of:

  • Products made with aloe vera.
  • Don't trip over the oxygen tubing.
  • Perhaps tape the tube to the inside of your shirt.
  • Children should learn not to tangle in the tubes.

Why Exactly Do You Need to Handle Oxygen Carefully?

There are unique safety precautions for home oxygen rentals to prevent accidents and potential tragedies. There are two key factors that should be taken into consideration when handling oxygen therapy:

Oxygen has a Fire Risk

Despite not being flammable in and of itself, oxygen can swiftly spread a fire if it comes into contact with a little spark or flame and a highly flammable substance. If not handled appropriately, the oxygen that comes from an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank is sufficiently pure to turn into a powerful fire accelerant.

It is a medication

A doctor's prescription is required to obtain oxygen at high concentrations, such as through an oxygen concentrator. Except as directed by a doctor, the dosage shouldn't be modified. since consuming it excessively or insufficiently can have negative health effects.

While it is not possible to overdose on oxygen in the same way that you can with other types of medication, oxygen toxicity can occur in high quantities and under high pressure. If you receive considerably more pure oxygen than is necessary at high pressure for an extended period of time, your lungs and central nervous system could be damaged. In order to supplement your medical demands, it is essential to use the oxygen flow and amount that your doctor has advised. You have to adhere to your doctor's clinical judgment regarding your oxygen therapy.


For patients who require supplemental oxygen due to a medical condition, oxygen therapy is a significant treatment choice. Despite this, oxygen should still only be administered under strict medical supervision. You can securely use home oxygen rentals in your house by following the above-mentioned instructions.